Email Marketing Tips For B2B Companies

Getting consumers to make a purchase is no easy task, especially when it comes to B2B. B2B consumers are very different from B2C, and completing a sale is a lengthy process. Email Marketing, when done right, can be a very successful marketing strategy for B2B. Here we are going to cover a few tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

B2B vs B2C

A well-executed email campaign can give your B2B business a significant boost. You may already be familiar with email marketing that is direct to the consumers, but you will find that the strategies for the two can be quite different. When targeting businesses, you have to consider how business owners and managers make their buying decisions. Although there are real individuals reading your emails, the buying decisions are not as quick and easy as deciding whether to buy that new pair of shoes or not. Traditional consumers make their purchases on a more emotional level, while business purchases are logical and usually well researched. Understanding this will be very useful for crafting an email with the right tone

Understand Who To Target

Before getting started with your email, you have first to understand what businesses are best for you to target. Knowing exactly what companies are on the receiving end of your email helps you have a clear idea of how to speak to them. Consider your products or services and what solutions they provide. By understanding these companies’ pain points, you can more logically market your solution.

Customer Persona

Now that you understand the companies that are right for you to target it’s time to understand the individual you are targeting. To understand your buyer persona, we create a sort of imaginary friend. First, think of the problem that your buyer is facing that could be solved by your product or service. The company you are targeting more than likely has multiple people with buying authority. Determine the job title of the person who would be most likely to purchase from your company, CEO, HR, Sales Director, etc. Thinking of the individual and their goals within the company can help you drive at that with your email marketing. If your product is able to help them as an individual either by making their job easier or by helping them do a task more efficiently, this is a great thing to draw attention to. Finally having a customer persona help you connect better with your potential clients.


Having goals for your email campaigns can result in better conversion than emails that are sent out blindly just hoping something sticks. However, when it comes to setting goals, it’s essential to put much thought into them. Don’t set goals that are too small because this won’t result in much growth for your business. Also, don’t set goals that are too large because this will only be discouraging. Make sure the goals you set are specific. For example, “increase leads by 20%” instead of “increase leads.” The difference between setting a vague goal and a measurable one is the results you will be able to generate.


Create a plan of action for your email marketing and make sure your entire team is on the same page. Communicate your goals with your team so you can come together for a successful campaign. Working with a marketing company can help you more efficiently plan and reach your goals. A marketing company will have all of the necessary staff to create beautiful email marketing that converts.


After creating the first of your email campaigns, you will need to revisit your strategy to see what’s working for you and what isn’t. Consider using A/B testing for your emails to see if specific elements perform better than others. For example, you can test using different subject lines or calls to action. Each time you send out an email campaign, you can learn a bit more to make the next one even better.

Right On Tech

Email Marketing is an excellent tool for B2B and can help you stay ahead of your competitors. For further information on how to grow your B2B business with email marketing, contact us today to see how we can help. Our specialists are knowledgeable of all of the top email marketing platforms including MailchimpSendGrid, and Constant Contact. Our dedicated team at Right On Tech has years of experience helping B2B companies reach their goals through email marketing.