6 Most Important Email Marketing Basics Must Know

Businesses are using email marketing to reach their repeat and potential customers; it is a great way to reach out to customers directly. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind for a good email marketing strategy.


Remember that there are real people at the end of those email blasts. Emails should be designed with those viewers in mind, make sure the emails are interesting and aesthetically pleasing. A good email should have a split of content and images. Potential clients don’t want to see an email that looks poorly, and that’s likely to result in unsubscribes. Whenever crafting or approving an email, ask yourself if it is an email you would be happy to receive.

No Spamming

Avoid Spam by emailing only those people who have given their authorization. No one wants emails piling up in their inbox from a company they never signed up for. Sending emails to potential customers who didn’t give consent can result in poor open rates, unsubscribes, complaints, and unhappy individuals.

Make Sign-Up Easy

In order to grow your email list, make sure you make it easy and obvious for people to sign up to your mailing list. Email sign-up on a website should be easy to find for visitors; it can be included in a footer and a pop-up so that it is not missed. The easier the sign-up, the larger your email list is and the larger the potential returns.

Relevant Content

Email subscribers opted into your emails because they were interested in specific things about your company, so don’t send emails with irrelevant content. Make sure that your content is relevant and interesting to increase your returns.

Hook Them

Everyone gets dozens of emails daily, so your email must stand out from the rest to increase your open rates. People who are flooded with their daily batch of emails skim through the subject lines to decide what gets opened and what gets ignored. Therefore, an intriguing subject line is likely to do better.

A/B Testing

It’s not always easy to know exactly what customers want or are more likely to respond to, but there is a way to let them guide you. A/B testing is a great way to try different options with your email marketing. For example, with A/B testing, you can test 2 different subject lines for your email and see what gets better open rates and returns.

Here To Help

Email Marketing can be challenging for some businesses; it requires a few different roles to be filled. A well-crafted email requires graphic design, copywriting, marketing, and even some coding. If you need help getting started with email marketing or want to improve your current returns, contact us. Our team at Right On Tech is very experienced in all the ins and outs of the top email marketing platforms like MailchimpSendGrid, and Constant Contact. We have the savvy professionals to take care of all of the components that go into creating emails that perform well. Contact Us for a free consultation today.