What Are The Reasons B2B Website Visitors Are Not Converting to Customers?

So you have a B2B website, and your website is getting visitors, but they just aren’t converting into sales or leads. What do you do? What could be causing this? In this article, we are going to be taking a look at a few possible issues and how to solve them.

Information… Or Lack Thereof

When new visitor enters your website, they want to know what you are all about without having to go digging for it. B2B websites should educate potential shoppers, consider that your website is often the first impression people get of your company. An excellent B2B website should readily provide essential information for your visitors, including who you are and what you do or offer. Your website should be able to communicate a basic idea of Who, What, When, Where, and Why. 


Who are you?


What products or services do you offer?


How long has your company been in business?


Where are you located?


Why should they work with you?

Take a look at your website and see if you are missing any of this information, it may be contributing to visitors not converting.

Call To Action?

Not having a clear call to action can be detrimental to your conversion. Visitors want to know how to take action, and if you don’t make it clear, it results in them moving on to your competitor’s website. Call to action should be visible not hidden on footers or random pages, and they should be concise in 3 – 4 words like “Request A Quote” or “Schedule A Demo”. 

Make sure that your calls to action are not overwhelming and that you are not asking for a lot of effort on their part. If you are asking visitors to contact you, make sure your contact info is easily accessible. Even better, provide a contact form for them to fill out quickly.

Here are some example titles for these:

Request a quote.

Contact us.

Schedule a consultation.

Schedule a demo.

Poor Website Design

Having a poor-looking or functioning website also affects your conversion rates and your credibility with potential clients. An unprofessional website speaks volumes about your company; it shows that you don’t think highly of your company image or of what visitors think. Many B2B company owners dismiss the importance of a good professional website, thinking it’s not for them or “is not how they’ve done things in the past.” The truth is every business, whether B2C or B2B needs a website that accurately represents who they are and what they offer.

No Credibility

Upon entering your website, visitors will have one big question, “why should they trust you?” There are a few things that can affect your credibility on your website: previous customers or partners, customer testimonials, and any awards or publications. Your website should give visitors a reason to trust you with their business, a great way to do this is with a testimonial video from previous clients or at least a few written testimonials. A few kind words from previous clients can make a world of difference in acquiring new ones; the same goes for listing your current or previous clients. Displaying any awards or certifications your company may have shows prospects of the caliber of your work and the trustworthiness of your company. If a visitor sees you as a legitimate company with a proven track record, they are more likely to convert.

We are here to help

Updating a website can seem like an overwhelming task for busy business managers, but it can be made more comfortable with the help of an experienced web design company. The web design team at Right On Tech has built countless amazing B2B websites that perform well and are ready to help you increase your conversions. Contact Us for a free consultation.