Is Online Payment Gateway for Ecommerce Website Right For You?

Owners or managers of e-commerce websites know that having an online payment gateway is a must for any e-commerce business; you can complete sales without one. However selecting the right one to go with isn’t easy, is one of the most trusted and oldest online payment gateways available today. Having a trustworthy gateway is very important for online shoppers who often worry about theft or having their information misused. As an e-commerce website manager, you want to provide an option that encourages shoppers to feel safe enough to purchase from your website. is a Visa company that has been in service since 1996. They are compatible with most of the leading e-commerce platforms like MagentoShopify, and BigCommerce.

These are a few of the features offers that make them one of the best options:

Online Payment Processing

You can accept credit card payments via your e-commerce website.

Echeck Processing

You can receive electronic checks from bank accounts via your e-commerce website or the Authorize.Net virtual terminal.

Mobile Payment Processing

You can accept payments from a mobile device.

Manual Payment Processing

You can accept payments by manually entering the payment information into the Authorize.Net virtual terminal.

QuickBooks Sync

You can easily import transactions directly into your QuickBooks

Automated and Recurring Billing

You can set up recurring and automated payments.

Fraud Detection

You can identify and prevent suspicious fraudulent transactions, with filters/rules you can set up.

Secure Customer Data

You can store your customers’ financial information on Authorize.Net secure servers for compliance with PCI DSS.

Excellent Support

You can get excellent assistance from their support team.

Set-Up Process

With you will be able to accept internet, mail, phone, mobile, POS payments, and even Visa checkout and Apple Pay. has a support team that helps with the entire setup. Once the account is set up, it is easy to use, allowing you to manage the transactions that come in each day.

For e-commerce companies with employees, the interface has the option to create multiple user accounts and set up permissions for each of the user accounts. This allows you to control what your employees have access to, for example, you may not want your employees to have access to specific reports. The system also has a Transaction Details API for retrieving the details of all your transactions.


After you get registered with, you can display their Verified Merchant badge on your website. Having this badge on your website shows your visitors that you are a credible and trustworthy company and helps you reduce abandoned carts.

Merchants are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and helps you through the process of getting your customer’s data secure. They help lockdown customer card data by installing a firewall and help with other security measures.

In addition to security, they also provide Fraud Protection to prevent people from completing fraudulent transactions on your website and have the option of restricting access for some IPs.


Many of the companies using love it because it integrates directly with Quickbooks. This integration is an excellent feature because it saves valuable time when analyzing profits and creating financial reports. The setup is a simple one-time process that you can use to integrate with your existing Quickbooks account and the support team at is available to help if needed. is a flexible and reliable online payment gateway that lets you process credit card and electronic check payments, on mobile devices, and also with manual payment information. Contact Us for a free consultation.