How To Write Scripts for B2B Video Content

The use of video marketing for businesses has been on the rise in the last few years and with great reason. As more people do business online, marketing strategies have had to evolve. Video marketing is a great way to attract potential customers and improve your business. It can be challenging for B2B businesses to connect with their potential customers, as they can often seem cold and disconnected. Adding video content to your website can help your company seem more approachable. Videos allow you to be more accessible to your website visitors and make it easier for them to consume the information you have to offer on your website.

However, creating video content for your website can be challenging and time-consuming. The script for your video is the most important thing to consider. With proper planning and script writing, your company can have remarkable video content.

Write For A Reason

When creating the script for your video, you first have to think about what your goal is. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with your video. Without proper planning, your video can be hollow and lacking in substance.


Consider who the audience of your video is going to be. Knowing who your video is intended for can help you design the style and language used in your video. For example, your video would be very different if it were intended for a young audience vs. a senior target audience.


Once you are aware of who your audience is, you can implement that in the writing of your script. You can go about a company intro video in a few different ways. To relay the information, you want your viewers to know you can use narration or speak directly to the camera. Decide what the tone of your video will be, whether it’s casual, informative, educational, or emotional.

Less Is More

A flashy company video may seem like a good idea to attract your audience’s attention, but in many cases, a less is more approach can be best. Use your video to get your information across, but try to keep things simple. The length of your company should also be considered if your video is too long, you risk losing the attention of your viewers. A good length for a company video is 90 seconds. 

Showcase Team and Storytelling

Giving your potential clients some insight into your company allows you to make a better first impression. Showing viewers who the individual employees in your company are can help to increase trust. Adding a bit of storytelling to your video can help your viewers remain engaged. A heartwarming story or even just a success story gives your audience a way to relate.


After the script of the video is written, you also have to plan the visuals for your video. What will your video show? You can include exterior and interior shots of your company, employees working or interacting, and your products. In addition to the footage, your video can also include graphics or animations to deliver your information. 


Once you have written your script and planned your visuals, you should have multiple people look over your plan to give notes for improvement. After this, you will want to have everyone who will be on the video practice their part of the script to ensure a smooth delivery once the day of the video shoot arrives.

Here To Help

A company video is your opportunity to show potential clients more about your company. While writing a script can seem like an intimidating task, you are the most qualified person to tell others about your company. If you do find yourself in need of assistance, our team at Right On Tech can help both with writing and the production of your company videos.