How To Incorporate Organic Video Strategies Into Your B2B Website

Many website visitors don’t want to read pages and pages worth of text about a company but are more interested in watching a video. Having videos incorporated into your website makes for more engaging content that can help to keep visitors attention longer.

Videos can serve a few purposes; they can introduce your company, describe service, show off products, give instructions, and so on. For individuals who are visual learners having a video to look at can make a big difference. Having information available in text and video ensures that your potential customers get your message. 

The task of video marketing can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of options and questions that come up about this subject, so we’ve put together a list of tips and advice that will hopefully make it easier for you.

Types Of Videos


Potential clients love seeing the success stories of your previous clients. Testimonial videos are a great way to increase your credibility as a company. To create good testimonial videos reach out to a few of your best clients and see if they are willing to talk about their experience with your company on camera. If you have the budget work with a videographer to get your client’s videos done professionally.

Company Video

Giving website visitors an overall fair view of your company can be pretty difficult to do online, but you can make this more achievable with a company overview video. Company videos can be an excellent asset for B2B companies and are often placed right on the homepage of a website, so customers see them right away. These videos should be well done by a professional team; the thing you don’t want is a poor-quality video representing your company. With the proper script, editing, and branding a company video can be an excellent thing for your business and can last for years to come. Company videos can be used for more than just your website, you can post them on your social media, and you even use them for advertising.

Product and Service Videos

Whether you sell products or intangible services, an explainer video can help your potential customers better understand and increases conversions to your website. Shopping online can be difficult at times, so adding video makes the shopping process more comfortable. Product explainer videos can be done for all of your products or just a select few of your most popular ones.

Event Videos

Videos can also be used in a more casual way to humanize your company by showing your audience a slice-of-life view of you. You can put events such as company-wide outings, holiday parties, or any volunteer work on video and display them on your website, blog, or social media.

Event Videos

Before you set off on your journey into video, make sure you create a strong plan and work with a professional team. Incorporating videos into your website is a great way to increase your brand awareness and conversions. For any additional help on integrating video into your website, contact our team of knowledgeable team at Right On Tech.