What are the Best 7 B2B Brand Awareness Strategies

Website Branding

The internet is a very competitive place, and brands have to try harder now to stand out in the sea of search results. Just having a website is no longer enough, to look like a professional company, it is necessary to have a professional website that looks great and functions properly. Your website will also need to be optimized for search engines so that searchers can find you when searching for related goods or services. A website that appears higher in search results is on its way to better brand recognition.

PPC Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns are marketing campaigns created on search engines like Google or Bing that allow you to set your budget. PPC campaigns are a great way to get your brand in front of already interested prospects that are searching for related goods or services. PPC Marketing does require an experienced professional for better returns, but it is a great way to improve your Brand Awareness and sales.

LinkedIn and Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads on FaceBook and Instagram have a considerable amount of targeting options that can be set up for each campaign. With social media campaigns, you can filter down your target audience with a variety of demographic options. With LinkedIn advertising, you can target your audience based on job title, company, industry, and more. These options offer a great way to get the most out of your marketing budget and increase your brand awareness.

Industry Publications

A great way to get more awareness in your industry is to do so with related publications; this can be either traditional magazines or blogs. Approach industry magazines or newspapers about doing a piece on your company or services or see if any industry blogs would be interested in a guest blog post. The results of this can be very noticeable as it effectively puts your brand in front of the publication’s entire audience.

Partner With Industry Influencers

It can be beneficial for your brand to create relationships with leaders in your industry. People who are seen as respected figures in your world, people who are thought, leaders. After identifying these individuals start respectfully engaging with them and their content. Engaging could mean regularly commenting on their posts, attending their webinars, and sharing their content on your brand’s social media pages. After some time of this, they will begin to notice and recognize you because of your consistency, and you may be able to approach them for their insight into your content. They could even be ok with you featuring them as a thought leader on your website or blog.


While many marketing efforts are designed to bring new visitors to a website, it is crucial not to forget about the people who have already visited your website. Retargeting is a way of staying in front of those once website visitors and building brand awareness. With retargeting, you can show ads to website visitors for 60-90 days after they have visited your website even if they only visited once. Websites often get visitors who are only in the research phase of their shopping and are not yet ready to purchase. Ensuring that your visitors don’t forget about your brand with ads helps them make their way back to you once they are ready to purchase.

Building brand awareness is crucial for B2B businesses as it typically takes B2B shoppers longer in the decision-making process than a traditional B2C shopper. Not investing in proper brand awareness can mean you are losing sales to your competitors.

Experienced Professionals

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