How to Install EFTPS Batch Provider Client Step by Step Guide

EFTPS Installation Screen
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Last Updated on October 5, 2022

Now you need to use EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Preparation Software) and got a bunch of errors while installing. Or you simply want to know the right way. We are here to help.

Where to Download EFTPS Batch Provider Software?

If you search for “Download EFTPS”, you will not find the right location. The proper question is “Download EFTPS Batch Provider Software”. After using it for a long time, you might forget the name of the software is “Batch Provider Software” and you might keep calling it EFTPS. We know it is common so don’t worry. Download link for EFTPS Batch Provider Software is:

This page shows you all the links for EFTPS Batch Provider software. You need to click whichever version you are using.

EFTPS Batch Provider Links
EFTPS Batch Provider Different Operating System Links

Generally, CPAs use windows so here is the direct latest version of the EFTPS Batch Provider for Windows link:

How to Install EFTPS Batch Provider Software?

After downloading the installer file named “bp-install.exe“, you will need to run it as an administrator. If you don’t, you will get the error message “PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER LOCATION TO EXTRACT THE INSTALLER TO”. We covered this in another post but if you run as an administrator, you do not need to worry about it. If you are getting the error, please make sure you read the post.

Run the installation file named bp-install.exe as administrator by right-clicking:

Run as administrator menu after right-clicking the installer

You will be presented with this prompt:

You will be asked for the Administrator credentials

If you do not know the credentials to run it as an administrator or if it is not accepting your current user name and password, you will need to ask your IT department about it or contact whoever created this system for you.

Do not Install EFTPS Batch Provider without Administrator Rights

We talked about it in our other post and what happens if you do install it without administrator rights. You will have issues as you continue using the EFTPS Batch provider, especially when you are updating your software in the future. Make sure you install with administrator rights.

Folder Location for EFTPS Batch Provider.

Again, with administrator rights, everything moves smoothly. After pressing next and accepting the User License Agreement window, you will see the default installation location:

Folder Location Screenshot

C:\Program Files (x86)\EFTPS Batch Provider Client

Make sure this folder location looks like this, otherwise you will have issues. Continue by clicking Next.

Should I select Single user or Networked User?

If you are just going to use EFTPS Batch Provider Software alone, or in a small company environment without active IT support, we strongly suggest using Single User. This will install the software on your current computer and the database will be also on the same computer.

Single or Networked Selection for EFTPS
Single or Networked Selection for EFTPS

When to Choose Networked Installation for EFTPS Batch Provider Software?

Networked installation simply dedicated a machine (typically your server operating system Windows Server), and keeps the database there to be accessible for employees from their own workstations. This is suggested for multi-user environments. It is an advanced system and depends on how your IT is structured. In this Setup, you will have one SERVER and multiple Clients. When you install CLIENT computers (your employees), you will have to point them to the main server where you installed EFTPS as Server.

EFTPS Networked Installation

If you need to install this way and don’t have the right IT people, contact us today for free answers. For single-user installation, keep reading.

What to type for “Enter Administrator’s User Id”

You will be seeing this screen in your next step:

EFTPS Administrator's User ID
EFTPS Administrator’s User ID

Enter one word, all lowercase. We used “rightontech” in our current example. Type whatever is appropriate for your company.

How strong should the password be?

EFTPS requires you to enter a password with these properties:

  • Must be between 12 and 30 characters in length
  • Must contain at least 1 upper-case letter (A, B, C, etc.)
  • Must contain at least 1 lower-case letter (a, b, c, etc.)
  • Must contain at least 1 number (1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • Must contain at least 1 of the following special characters (!, @, #, $, *, +, -)
  • Must not contain double characters (no 2 consecutive characters can be the same value)
  • Must not be the same as any of the 5 previous passwords used3. Click “Update.”

Another important note from EFTPS is:

You will have a unique Master Password for each EFTPS Master PIN. Do not disclose your Master Password or PIN to unauthorized individuals

So for our example, we are choosing: Catdogbird59123!

This is just to make the password human-friendly for this tutorial. It passes the requirement but we actually use password management systems that create these passwords for us with the required strengths. Enter it twice:

EFTPS password selection
EFTPS password selection

If all went well, you will see the last screen with a summary of the options you’ve selected and click Install. After the installation is completed successfully, you will see the final screen:

EFTPS Batch Provider installation successful
EFTPS Batch Provider installation successful

Where is the Software After installation?

We also have the same issue with EFTPS after installation. You cannot find the software on your Desktop or Start Menu. Where did it install? You remember we selected the installation location while we were installing. We will look at that location of course:

EFTPS Installation Location Folder
EFTPS Installation Location Folder

Even we find the installation location, you will not find what you are looking for at first glance. The executable file to run the software is hiding under “bin” folder:

EFTPS executable file name
EFTPS executable file name is BPApplication.exe

BPApplication.exe is what you are looking for. We are sure you do not want to navigate to this folder every time you need to run EFTPS Batch Provider Software, so we recommend creating a shortcut on your desktop. Right-click on BPApplication.exe and click copy.

EFTPS BPApplication Copy for Shortcut
EFTPS BPApplication Copy for Shortcut

After navigating back to your Desktop, right click again and click “Paste Shortcut”. Make sure you don’t click paste, because it would copy the BPApplication to your desktop, which will not work without its other dependencies.

EFTPS BPApplication shortcut menu
EFTPS BPApplication shortcut menu

Now you have your shiny EFTPS Batch Provider software installed with its shortcut, you should rename it to something like EFTPS Batch Provider so you can find it easily in the future. Right click, rename:

EFTPS Shortcut Renaming
EFTPS Shortcut Renaming

What Comes After Installing EFTPS Batch Provider Software?

Now that you are ready to use it, you still need to take additional steps. If you already obtained your credentials from EFTPS, you can read our article “How To Sync EFTPS Batch Provider For First Use”.

If you did not get your credentials and need to obtain them, you can read our article “How to Get Started with EFTPS Batch Provider Software”.

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