Necessary B2B Holiday Marketing Strategy Guide

While retail commerce may be winding up for the holiday season, there is no need for B2B businesses to feel left out. Holiday marketing is not just for B2C! In this article, we have put together a few tips to make the most wonderful time of the year wonderful for your business too.

Many B2B companies feel the need to slow down their marketing and advertising efforts at the end of the year, but there is no need for that with these holiday marketing tips.

Holiday Content

The fact that your clients are companies doesn’t mean there aren’t humans behind those companies. The decision-makers at those companies are all humans just like you, and a little holiday cheer can go a long way. Your client business doesn’t just stop during the holidays, so take some time to put yourself in their shoes and consider what pain points they might be experiencing during this final part of the year. From inventory shortages to an increase in volume, your clients are probably facing holiday-related issues; this is where you come in and provide your solutions. Grab your client’s attention by sending regular email marketing with holiday promotions such as free shipping or discounts. Display holiday a themed website banner and social media content for a festive touch to your business. Run ads to grab the attention of new potential clients and make sure your website looks great and is ready for holiday traffic.

Spread a Little Cheer

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for a reason, the people we share it with. Now that may sound like a cheesy statement, but expressing your gratitude to your clients at the end of the year can go a long way. Try sending holiday cards to your clients, thanking them for their business, or spotlighting your clients on social media posts. This is also an excellent time to send a gift for their business; consider gift baskets, sample products, or branded items. A genuine effort made can have a significant effect on your business relationships and encourage continued business.

Start Early

Holidays are a busy time of the year for everyone; your customers are busy planning their own holiday strategies. Start your holiday promotions early enough to give your clients the time to act. Whether it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, make your promotions last for longer than just one day. Your clients are busy with their personal shopping, and making your promotions too short means they might miss them. Also, send out promotional information regularly (but not too frequently that it’s annoying), so it doesn’t slip their minds in this busy season.

Money To Spend

At the end of the year, some companies are facing a surplus in their budgets. Many companies need to spend their entire budgets or risk ending up with a smaller budget the following year. Take advantage of this situation by promoting your goods or services; there might be companies in your client list with a budget to spend at the end of the year.

There’s Always Next Year

While it may be wishful thinking that all of your clients will have the leftover budget to make large purchases from you, it can still be helpful to get under their radar for the upcoming year. Make sure the decision-makers keep you in mind by sending out the holiday content we mentioned earlier. Many companies like to put off big decisions until the new year, so when the new year comes in, they must remember you and your company. Holiday marketing is not wasted if it results in sales in the new year.

Holiday Ready

The most important thing when it comes to B2B Holiday Strategy is to be prepared. Create a plan ahead of time for whatever strategy you are using and prepare for possible increases in sales. For help with your website, marketing, or advertising, contact us at Right On Tech.