How To Make The Shipping Process Easier With ShipStation

ShipStation Shipping Solution

The goal of all online e-commerce businesses is to get more sales but what happens when the purchases start coming in and shipping them becomes a hassle. ShipStation is a web-based solution that can solve many shipping issues. Here you will find a few of the main features they offer.

Order Importing

A common problem many online sellers face is the issue of importing their orders from various marketplaces or shopping carts into their shipping software. With ShipStation, this task is easy to manage; you can easily import your orders from all of the popular selling channels in minutes. ShipStation offers automatic order retrieval with all order info, order status and tracking info that automatically feeds to your marketplaces, and customizable emails for order confirmation and tracking.


Shipstation is a web-based solution that requires no installation, it can be accessed and used from any web browser wherever you are, and there’s even an app. Having a web-based product means there is no need to backup orders as these back up are done on their own. Time-consuming software updates are now also a thing of the past with ShipStation updates that are simply one click away.

Quick and Easy Shipping

With ShipStation, you can now take care of all your shipping from one interface; USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and even Amazon FBA shipments can all managed. Not only can you ship all of these carries from the same place but you can also use custom shipping labels from them, choose from al the shipping classes, and compare shipping rates in real-time. Easily ship hundreds of orders at once and print packing slips and shipping labels together. You can also create custom shipping labels with whatever information you need.

Simplified Order Picking

Picking orders can be quicker and more efficient with the use of a picklist that breaks down the products that need picking. You can easily sort picklists by SKUs, name, quantity or warehouse location.


No two businesses are the same, so it is crucial to have options for customization and automation rules. ShipStation offers customization options for shipping labels, packing slips, and confirmation and tracking emails.


Managing returns is also painless with ShipStation; you can generate RMA numbers and create return shipping labels with the RMA numbers on them. The return shipping labels are automatically emailed to your customers, and you can easily track return packages. You also have the option to make returns easier for your customers by including return labels and your return policy along with your packing slip. 

Grow Your Business

ShipStation is a great option for businesses of any size and businesses that are on the track of growth. As your business grows, ShipStation can grow with you too. Whether your volume increases or you need to add more sales channels, these tasks are easy to manage with shipstation. Save time and money, increase your productivity, and improve your customer service all with this one solution. ShipStation also offers an excellent support team to help you with any of your questions. If you are not entirely convinced or want to give it a spin before you commit, ShipStation offers a free 30-day trial. 

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