Top Online Marketplaces For Womens Fashion

The womenswear world is very competitive, and since the growth of online marketplaces, things have gotten even more competitive. Online Marketplaces allow companies to have a more direct reach to their customers without having to purchase inventory in bulk. This direct access to existing customer bases is an excellent thing, but you will find the competition now includes retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Here we have put together a list of popular marketplaces and how to get started selling on each one.


ASOS is a marketplace with a modern touch meant for new and up-and-coming brands. They have a wide range of brands in their marketplace with apparel for both men and women. ASOS allows brands to open boutiques to sell their products, and each boutique is given its customizable storefront. There is a monthly fee of $20 for a boutique and a commission fee of 20% per sale.

The very first step to start selling on ASOS is to create a marketplace account as this will be required to apply for a boutique. Once you have created your account, you can apply for a boutique right on their website. The application process for this marketplace is simple; all you have to do is fill out their form and then wait to hear back if you are approved or not. If you do get approved for an account, you will then have to follow the ASOS guidelines for images and products. ASOS makes the selling process easy.


Jane is an online marketplace that sells womenswear, childrenswear, accessories, and home goods. They sell everything from jewelry to children’s toys but are best known for their selection of women’s apparel and the great deals that they offer. Jane offers a simple application process for those interested in selling on their website. However, you should note that they go through periods where they don’t accept new sellers for specific categories.

To become a seller on Jane, you just have to go to their website and fill out the application they have provided and then wait to hear if you are accepted. There is no monthly fee for selling on Jane, but there is a 25% commission fee for each item that is sold. 

Jane is a deal website where sellers run promotional pricing for their items for a limited time. They require sellers to have a minimum inventory of 100 pieces for each deal they run.


This marketplace is a bit different than the others; for one, the seller application process is done from a phone app and not on their website. Poshmark allows the sale of new and used goods in fashion and home goods. Once you have downloaded their app and completed the easy process to become a seller, you can start listing your items. Listing items is also done from the app, and it is a quick and easy process. After your items are listed, you can start receiving orders.

When orders come in, Poshmark provides a shipping label for you for an easy shipping process. Poshmark charges a fee of $2.95 for sales under $15 and a 20% fee for sales of $15 or more. Poshmark then pays sellers within three days of a buyer receiving the order.


This marketplace has a wide range of brands, from new and small to big and well-known. To apply to sell on Zulily, fill out the application on their website, or reach out to them directly at [email protected]. Zulily offers one thing that the other marketplaces listed here do not, and that is product photography. Once you are approved to sell, you have the option of using your own product images if you have them, or you can send in your samples and have the products shot by Zulily.

This is another deal-style marketplace where sellers run events or deals on their products. After an event has run, Zulily sends a purchase order to the vendor, who then ships the items in bulk to the Zulily warehouse for them to send to customers. 

After a deal has run, sellers may wait about 60 days to receive payment because Zulily allows time for returns and refunds.


While you may have heard quite a bit about this company in the news lately because of its bankruptcy, they are still very much around and offering a marketplace side of their business. The Sears marketplace has no monthly fee but does have a 15% commission fee on clothing. They also allow a variety of other product categories, all with different commission rates. Uploading items on this marketplace is easy, and it can be done either manually or in bulk with spreadsheet templates. Sellers are paid about 15 days after shipping items are ordered. 

For those interested in selling on Sears, you can fill out the application on their website that tells them more about your company and products. You can also try reaching them by email at [email protected].


Overstock is a well-known marketplace that has been around since 1999 and branched out as a marketplace a few years ago. Overstock sells everything from home goods to electronics and apparel. Overstock does not have a registration fee, but they do have listing fees ranging from $0.10 to $3.15 depending on the category and price of your item. 

To get started selling on Overstock, you can find more information here and start your application process. The application is short and just provides them with enough information to learn more about your company and products.


Finally, we have the most well-known of all the marketplaces: Amazon. Amazon sells just about everything you can think of. They offer two options for selling on their platform; individual and Professional. The individual plan has no monthly fee but a fee of $0.99 per item sold. The professional plan has a monthly fee of $39.99 and no per-item fees. In addition to these fees, you will also encounter additional fees for other things like referral, shipping, or advertising. 

To get started selling on Amazon, you first have to create a seller account and then start listing your products. Products can be added manually or in bulk with templates. Amazon has strict rules in place for its sellers for everything from product images to shipping, and response times.

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These are just a few of the top marketplaces out there today for sellers in the womenswear business, but there are many more. At Right On Tech, we have years of experience working with womenswear retailers and manufacturers, so we understand your needs. We offer solutions to help you stay ahead of your marketplace competition. Contact Us for more information.