How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos

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YouTube Video Optimization

If you have started creating video content for your company, you also need to make sure it is visible online. YouTube is cluttered with other videos, so it is crucial to optimize your videos for them to get views.  Once you have created a great piece of video content, you want to make sure it gets seen by your target audience. Here we have put together some tips on how to best optimize your videos on YouTube.

Video Thumbnail

Having a thumbnail of your video that is eye-catching will help you draw viewers. According to YouTube, 90% of the best-performing videos have custom thumbnails. Take the time to create a custom thumbnail time for each of your videos that will draw the viewer’s attention. You can create your thumbnail with screenshots from your video or with high-quality images. Just make sure your thumbnail represents what your video is about and that it displays well on smaller mobile screens. A great custom thumbnail can get your videos more views and likes.

How To Write YouTube Video Tags

Another important field that YouTube looks at to generate relevant videos is the tag section. There are a couple of different kinds of tags you can use on a YouTube video, default tags, and custom tags. Default tags are the words that viewers can always search for to find you; perhaps all of your videos are about fitness equipment or fashion. After those come your custom tags for each video, these tags describe what the specific video is about. Use tags that sum up what your video is about and consider what words people would search to find your content. Keep in mind that YouTube gives you a 500-character limit for your tags. Don’t use misleading tags that are irrelevant to get more views. In order for a view to count, the video needs to be watched for at least 30 seconds, and viewers are not likely to stay long enough once they realize it’s not relevant.

Share with your existing audience

As a company, you are probably already sending out regular email blasts and have a presence on social media and LinkedIn. These are great places to share your video with people that you know are already interested in your topic. Every time you post a new video, you should share in social posts and include it in your weekly newsletters, this will help you gain initial views for your videos.

Find new audiences

In addition to your existing audience of clients and potential clients, you can reach new audiences on a few other platforms. Look into Facebook groups for your industry and share your videos there. Reddit is another great place to get your video in front of a large group of people. Finding your audience online is easier than you might think, but you will have to think creatively to figure out where your audience is so you can get your video in front of them.

Make It Count

Creating video content for your company can be incredibly beneficial to your business, but it must be done right. Make sure your videos are done professionally, they should look and sound great. Your videos should be released consistently and should be shared as much as possible to develop your audience. At Right On Tech, we have specialists that can help you in creating your professional video content and optimize it to help you reach your desired audience. Contact us for more information.