What are the The Benefits of Business Automation

data entry excel spreadsheet

Automate Your Business For More Efficiency

Many businesses deal with inefficient tasks on a daily basis, so much so that they have become norms. However, at Right On Tech, we know there is always a better way to do things. These repetitive inefficient tasks can take up time and money; they can lead to job dissatisfaction for employees and even turnover. Companies of all sizes deal with these issues, but it seems that small to medium-sized companies are the ones most affected due to smaller staff and budgets. The good news is that we can do something about many of these tasks through automation.

Fortunately, custom automation can be created with Excel. Excel offers a range of features that can expedite the process of many mundane tasks.

Some of the most common excel automation include:

  • Spreadsheet templates – include custom forms specific to business needs
  • Text files from legacy systems- import text files from separate databases to rearrange and format data
  • Dashboards- create custom reports that summarize specific data
  • Data Source Cleaning – merges data to make custom lists, eliminate duplicate data, or find missing data.
  • Data Merging – merge data from separate systems for matching and comparing
  • User Defined Functions – functions that a custom-tailored to specific industries or companies used for repetitive calculations
  • Data Gather – create reports from data gathered from devices such as scales or barcode scanners

Automation can be used to streamline entire processes and save hours worth of manual work. Large amounts of data can be overwhelming and hard to understand, but with automation, your raw data can quickly be turned into reports that are easy to consume. This reduction in working hours can create savings for companies.  User-Defined Functions create easy-to-use excel functions that make lengthy processes shorter and more manageable. These functions can be used like any other Excel function such as vlookups, but they can be created to perform custom functions.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something that is often taken for granted by company managers, but it can result in high turnover. Automation can alleviate some of the monotonous tasks that affect employee job dissatisfaction. Automation can also result in reduced stress from having to do the same task over and over. 

Save Time And Money

By reducing wasted man-hours, companies can save money in the long run when tasks are automated. Doing certain tasks manually can take hours of employees’ time. When these tasks are automated, it cuts down on time significantly so staff can be better allocated to achieve more. Cutting down on these repetitive tasks can also improve your turnover rate, so less money and time is spent on hiring and training.

Reduce Error

To err is human, and repetitive data entry can result in frequent errors, but automating tasks can help cut down the chances for error. With repetitive tasks, it can be hard for employees to remain focused, resulting in more errors.

Standardized Tasks

Automation can be used to create standardization across a company to ensure that all employees are performing a task in the desired way. This will produce identical results when necessary and get tasks done at a faster pace.

Increased Data

When tasks at your company are inefficient, chances are you are not completing as much as you could be. Once you are doing tasks more efficiently, you will find that you can accomplish more than previously possible. Often these inefficiencies can stunt potential growth for companies; by correcting the issues, companies can better handle growth.

Time For Automation

Automation can make a massive difference in the way you run your business and improve your overall efficiency. When making the decision whether to automate tasks or not, be sure to consider the benefits and costs associated. While there are costs involved in having someone set up automation, it can save you money in the long run by reducing your working hours and resources. Whenever you’re ready to get started with business automation, contact us at Right On Tech for a free consultation.