E-Commerce Platform


Right On Tech partners with Shopify to create beautifully customized
E-Commerce websites for our clients. Having a website that is tailor-made for your company’s needs is essential to making your online business a success. The combination of Shopify’s flexible platform and the knowledgeable Right On Tech Shopify team is the perfect pairing to create a stunning and highly functional website for your e-commerce business.

Shopify Plus

Shopify was initially intended for small online retailers and hobbyists; however, over time, they have developed a side that caters to larger e-commerce businesses, called Shopify Plus.
With all that Shopify Plus has to offer for a company, it is a hard task to manage it all by yourself while also running other aspects of your business. It is recommended to work with experienced Shopify experts like our Right On Tech team who can implement the best e-commerce and SEO strategies for your business.

Find The Right Fit

Shopify Plus is intended for businesses that fall between the range of $5M to $20M in annual revenue. Shopify Plus offers clients more flexibility and support than the traditional Shopify options because these clients have a more significant demand for it.
Shopify Standard has traditionally been best suited for the smaller e-commerce business, those generating revenue under $5M annually. While Shopify Plus has become a definite contender, it may still be lacking as it is “out the box.” However, with the help of the Righ On Tech developers, Shopify can be used to create a fantastic e-commerce website.

Right On Tech Experience

Even with a flexible platform like Shopify and premade website templates creating your website on your own can be challenging. The Right On Tech team has countless hours of experience creating websites that are attractive and built with SEO in mind. It is necessary to work with an experienced team to create the best for your business. Let Right On Tech manage the details of designing your website while you manage the aspects of growing and running your business.