Mono B

High-Performance Active & Athleisure Wear

Responsive Ecommerce Website

Hero Banner Carousel

Having a revolving carousel banner allows the visitor to see more content; making this a great option for a company like MonoB with many collections and products.

Restricted Access

Mono B is a wholesale B2B seller; they need the ability to restrict access to certain content on their website for visitors that are not logged into an account.

Product Pages That Look Great On Any Device

A large portion of MonoB customers shop from their tablets and phones, so it was essential to design a website that looks great and is easy to shop no matter the screen size. These clean product pages make it easy for customers to buy from their phones when they are on the go.

Easy To Navigate Even On A Phone

B2B clients are busy, and they often do their shopping on the go. Having a website that is responsive and easy to navigate right from a phone is crucial to converting website visitors into customers.

Shopping Cart and Check Out

Having a shopping cart and checkout process that is easy for customers to use is a must for any e-commerce website. The Mono B checkout process is designed for their B2B clients to be able to complete orders easily. This checkout design gives customers the option to preorder, split orders, store credit card information, and tier pricing for different customers.