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Magento Responsive Design

As technology changes with time, the way consumers shop has also evolved, more people are shopping from their handheld device. Traditional websites are designed to be viewed on a wide format computer screen; this format just does not fit the vertical style of cell phones and tablets. Responsive websites are designed to adapt to the size of the individual user’s device.
Magento offers the option to create responsive websites that allow your shoppers to browse content better and shop your products with more ease. This feature also improves search engine ranking because of the higher quality of content offered and ease of navigation. It is essential to consider the visitor’s experience when going through the development phase of your website design. Responsive websites are easier to navigate; this increase traffic to the website as well as return traffic which in turn results in higher revenue.

Magento offers website managers simple and basic premade website templates that even allow edits to the coding. Premade templates can be a decent starting point, but in order to create a website that is high end and well ranked, it is necessary to work with an experienced team that can manage the technical side of making your website successful.
Right On Tech understand how valuable the website visitor experience is, so we make it a priority to design websites that are engaging for the visitor and create excellent SEO results.
Right On Tech has been using Responsive Design since before it gained popularity. Our team of specialists continually look to develop and improve to stay ahead of our competitors and provide the very best for our clients.

Mobile Conversions

As people spend more time on their phones, mobile websites are now more critical than ever. Mobile conversions are soon to be higher than traditional desktop: your website needs to be responsive and function well on your visitors smaller screens. Studies have shown that mobile shoppers are 160% more likely to convert on websites that are optimized for smartphones. Having a responsive website is important to your visitors; most users are reported to leave a non-responsive website and see it as untrustworthy. Search engines like Google also view responsive website more favorably and rank them higher in search results which means more traffic to your website.

Why Right On Tech?

Magento’s responsive design in the hands of a Right On Tech Specialist is the perfect tool for creating a stunning website that provides an excellent shopper experience. Our specialists can use their knowledge to make your website not only visually impressive but also make it a website that ranks well in search engines.