Gallany Cosmetics

Responsive Website Design

We designed a beautiful responsive website for Gállány Cosmetics that looks great on any size screen. Having a responsive website increases conversions and website ranking. 

Product Pages With A Clean Look

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A Homepage With Killer Looks

Easy To Navigate Menu

Having a simple to use menu with the main categories is a must for Gallany Cosmetics. This helps direct their customers to better find what they are looking for.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Collecting email addresses is very important to Gallany Cosmeticsas it helps them say in touch with their shoppers. We included a newsletter caption feature into their website. With Email Marketing, they can help increase return customers sales and convert visitors into customers.

Direct Traffic With Images

Having certain collections featured with eyecatching images on the homepage of the website is great for dirrecting your visitors to specifit collections to make their shopping easier.

Featured Product Carousel

This section is perfect for drawing attention to any new or best selling items to increase sales.

Easy to Navigate From a Phone

With more and more shoppers buying directly from their phones, having a site that looks great on a small screen in critical.  A large portion of the Gallany Cosmetics customers shop from their phone so we designed a responsive website to help them increase their mobil conversions. 

Shopping Cart and Checkout

Having a shopping cart that makes the checkout process as easy as possible is a must for ecommercer websites; customers are often lost right at the checkout part of their order. We designed a shopping cart process with a clean look that is easy and simple to use for the Gllany Cosmetics customers.