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At Right On Tech, our Marketing team is vastly experienced in a variety of forms of marketing and advertising. A recent yet quickly growing form of advertising is through Facebook; Facebook is a great way to connect with potential customers. It can be used as a form of communication and customer service, an additional storefront, or a way to gain brand awareness. Facebook advertising can be confusing at times, so our marketing specialists aim to inform and educate our clients throughout the entire process.

Branding and Targeting

Before starting with Facebook Ads, the first thing a brand or company needs is a business facebook page; this will be the base for all advertising and engagement to come. Once a business page is created, we can begin using it to attract new followers.
To gain interest for your website, we create carefully planned advertising campaigns. To make these campaigns as efficient as possible, we consider your target audience. We can fine-tune the ads that we run by demographics such as age, gender, income, likes, and much more so that your advertising budget gets the best ROI. Specific targeting the individuals means that those who see the ads are more likely to be interested in particular products or services and most likely to convert into customers. With Facebook Ads, you can limit the budget and effort spent on individuals who are not expected to convert.

Knowledgable Specialists

The Right On Tech specialists are experienced in the ever-changing world of social media advertising and can use their knowledge to create a noticeable boost in revenue and brand awareness. Our specialists utilize Facebook to increase both revenue and SEO.

In addition to the tools Facebook offers, Right On Tech can provide further in-depth reporting and assistance in running a successful Facebook Advertising campaign. The Right On Tech marketing team is ready to help you launch your first Facebook campaign.