WordPress Blog Design

Easy To Navaigate Menu

A well-organized menu makes navigating the website easier for visitors and helps improve search engine ranking.

Carousel Banner

A rotating carousel banner is a great way to direct traffic to specific pages or posts on a website.

Newsletter SignUp

A newsletter signup function was built into the Electric Bike website to help them increase their regular audience for the blogs they post.

E-commerce Store

The Electric Bike website is a blog that directs shoppers to a separate website to purchase items. This e-commerce website is built into the menu so that visitors are able to go smoothly from the blog to the shopping website.


Having a forum built into a website can be beneficial in a few different ways. A forum allows for more interaction between the visitors and bloggers. It’s an excellent way to know what readers are interested in or inquiring about. While most blogs allow comments, a forum is a far better platform on which to have conversations.

Browse From Any Device

Since people are doing most of their browsing from their phones, all blogs should be responsive and view well on cell phones and tablets.